We are proud to have served the DFW metroplex for more than 47 years.  As the leaders in traffic control, DLB employees are committed to safety, quality, service and integrity.  This commitment is what positively differentiates DLB from our competitors.  Simply put, our continued growth is a result of our dedication to, and desire for, long term relationships.

Come see us at one of our locations , or call us today at 1-800-755-5791, and let us introduce you to our incredible team.

  • Billy D. Howell
      Billy D. HowellFOUNDER

      P: 214-748-5791

    • Shane D. Howell
        Shane D. HowellPRESIDENT

        E: Shane@dlbinc.net
        P: 214-748-5791

      • Barry Rolfing
          Barry RolfingVICE PRESIDENT/SALES

          E: Barry@dlbinc.net
          P: 817-838-5791

        • Gary Howell

            E: Gary.Howell@dlbinc.net
            P: 214-748-5791

          • Jay Galler

              E: Jay@dlbinc.net
              P: 214-748-5791

            • Justin Kropp
                Justin KroppOPERATIONS MANAGER

                E: Justin@dlbinc.net
                P: 214-748-5791

              • Veronica Hollingsworth
                  Veronica HollingsworthACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE

                  E: Veronica@dlbinc.net
                  P: 817-838-5791

                • Debbie Kenney
                    Debbie KenneyACCOUNTS PAYABLE

                    E: Debbie@dlbinc.net
                    P: 214-748-5791

                  • Scott Hughes
                      Scott HughesOUTSIDE SALES/PURCHASING (Dallas Office)

                      E: Scott@dlbinc.net
                      P: 214-748-5791

                    • Ryan Baumann
                        Ryan BaumannOUTSIDE SALES (Dallas Office)

                        E: Ryan@dlbinc.net
                        P: 214-748-5791

                      • Isai Gorrostieta
                          Isai GorrostietaTRAINER

                          E: Isai@dlbinc.net
                          P: 214-748-5791

                        • Gary Ishmael
                            Gary IshmaelSENIOR ESTIMATOR

                            E: Gary.Ishmael@dlbinc.net.
                            P: 214-748-5791

                          • Chad Jones
                              Chad JonesINSIDE SALES (Dallas Office)

                              E: Chad@dlbinc.net
                              P: 214-748-5791

                            • Jonathan Hernandez
                                Jonathan HernandezINSIDE SALES (Dallas Office)

                                E: Jonathan@dlbinc.net
                                P: 214-748-5791

                              • Julie Branch
                                  Julie BranchOUTSIDE SALES/ESTIMATING (FTW Office)

                                  E: Julie.Branch@dlbinc.net
                                  P: 817-838-5791

                                • Jason Evans
                                    Jason EvansINSIDE SALES (FTW Office)

                                    E: Jason@dlbinc.net
                                    P: 817-838-5791

                                  • Art Macura
                                      Art MacuraMAINTENANCE FACILITIES SUPERVISOR

                                      E: Mechanic@dlbinc.net
                                      P: 214-748-5791


                                    • Ronnie Jones
                                        Ronnie JonesASSISTANT ESTIMATOR

                                        E: Ronnie@dlbinc.net
                                        P: 214-748-5791

                                      • Lori Garcia
                                          Lori GarciaEXECUTIVE ASSISTANT

                                          E: Lori@dlbinc.net
                                          P: 214-748-5791

                                        • LeAnn Holt
                                            LeAnn HoltMARKETING DIRECTOR

                                            E: LeAnn@dlbinc.net
                                            P: 214-748-5791

                                          • Tom Reese
                                              Tom ReeseSALES MANAGER

                                              E: Tom@dlbinc.net
                                              P: 817-879-9792

                                            • Larry Blamble
                                                Larry BlambleOPERATIONS

                                                E: Larry@dlbinc.net
                                                P: 817-838-5791

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